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Happy 37th Birthday, Dhoni!

From “Mahendra Singh Dhoni has come out the middle, he is a man from Jharkhand (Ranchi) and He is sent back.” to “Dhoni finishes off in a style, magnificent strike into the crowd and India lift the world cup after 28 years. The party started in the dressing room and its an Indian Captain whose been absolutely magnificent

A look into Dhoni’s performance post captaincy

4 January 2017, the day when Mahendra Singh Dhoni said goodbye to the captaincy of Indian cricket team. After the announcement, a lot of questions were raised ‘should he continue to play?‘, ‘can he survive till 2019?‘. Every person had their respective opinions, but the person whose opinion mattered the most was Dhoni himself who

Happy Birthday Rohit Sharma, the Hitman

Rohit has been a phenomenal limited overs cricketer for India for a while now. He had a great start to his international career as he got an opportunity in his early age. However, it took him up until Champions Trophy 2013 to cement his spot in the limited format when Dhoni transformed him into an

10 Ways You Can Get Out in Cricket

Have you ever played cricket and got out?  Has any bowler appealed wicket against you and whole fielding team cheered your wicket?  Probably, yes.  Then, how about the ways you have got out?  3? 4? or more? 10? Probably not. Yes, you heard it right.  There are 10 ways to get out in cricket.  Let’s

Twitter’s Reactions To CSK Vs RCB

RCB vs CSK was all about the explosive batting by both the teams as once again CSK managed to chase a target of over 200 runs. A fantastic knock from AB de Villiers, supported by Quinton de Kock had put the hosts in a commanding position as they managed to pile up 205 runs at

When Superman AB de Villiers lands on cricket ground?

During our own childhood, we all loved Superman — whoever he was, whatever he could do — and sometimes boasted to be the one. Actually, who is Superman? The dictionary defines it this way: “film character having great strength, the ability to fly, and other extraordinary powers” But, the cricketing world also loves to associate

10 Seasons of IPL in Numbers

It’s that time of year where cricketers from all across the world are in India to compete in the most coveted Twenty20 league in the world. The Indian Premier League began on its eleventh season when Chennai Super Kings inaugurated the season with a bang over defending champions Mumbai Indians at the Wankhede Stadium in

What Sandeep Lamichanne’s debut in IPL mean to Nepal?

For the first time in the history of Nepalese Cricket, a player from Nepal is picked by an IPL team Delhi Daredevils and he is none other than Sandeep Lamichanne. A country that got an associate membership from ICC way back in 1996 has been through the ups and downs in its cricket journey. Despite

IPL, favorite word for Caribbean Cricket?

The IPL, believed to be the most exciting cricketing festival across the globe, has always been able to bring sheer enthusiasm among the fans. Never in its 11 years of history has it not been able to live up to the expectation that every cricket lover bestows upon it. An exciting bunch of cricketers, big

Five Reason Why you Should Watch an IPL.

1. Pure entertainment: You must have noticed that it has been just over a week IPL has started but already so many games have gone to the wire. Almost every game has gone to the last over to find a winner. IPL assures 100% entertainment for over 50 days. If you are a cricket fanatic,