Will RCB be gutted remembering the IPL auction?

Some teams are having a rollercoaster ride on their journey while some have had a mixed or rather disappointing run. RCB, as often in the past, has been the third side of the coin though. How should they feel remembering the IPL auction 2018?

Whenever a season starts or lets says the auction completes, everybody is in awe of the team that they build. This is obvious because It will be ironical if any team with cricketing giants like AB De Villiers, Virat Kohli, Shane Watson(until 2017), Chris Gayle(until 2017), Brendon McCullum and Quinton De Cock won’t be tagged as favorites to win the IPL. But, things have not quite fallen in place for the Red Giants. Despite making three finals in the IPL they have not been able to put a complete performance to lift the title. The root issue for them has been the over-reliance on their star performers and their bowling, especially at the death.

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The 2018 IPL has been quite horrendous for RCB up until their last match. They have already lost 3 of their first 5 games. The problem has been the same though. Only Virat Kohli and AB De Villers have fired with the bat. The bowling hasn’t been able to live to the expectation of all the cricketing pundits this year. While Umesh Yadav has been exceptional within the powerplay hitting the stumps multiple times, others have only performed in glimpses. The death bowling has once again been their weakness along with the finishing. But, this isn’t the prime headache of the RCB team management. Former Royal Challengers Bangalore players have been in sublime form in the ongoing edition of the Indian Premier League.

Stars like KL Rahul, Chris Gayle, and Shane Watson have been tearing the bowlers apart for their respective teams in the league. While the reason behind RCB not retaining the likes of Gayle and Watson can be understood, but it is a no-brainer that they shouldn’t have let go KL Rahul and Kedar Jadhav who had produced a decent performance last season. It will only be satirical to assume that they knew that Jadhav would be injured at the initial stage. KL Rahul seems to enjoy his role as a responsible star player in the Kings XI colors which he wasn’t quite able to bring while playing behind the star attire of Kohli, De Villiers and Gayle in RCB. This can be clearly observed in his colossal striking this year. He looks as if he is definitely enjoying his role as an opener which he wasn’t given the assurance of while at RCB. Besides Rahul and Jadhav, the most disturbing loss for them has been the way Gayle and Watson are performing this year.

After being snubbed early on in the auction, KXIP played a masterstroke with Chris Gayle, acquiring his services for his base price of Rs 2 Cr, and boy the decision to do so has well paid off for the team. Gayle had a point to prove and how good he has been. In just three matches he has shown that he’s back bigger and better scoring a century and twin 50’s to make KXIP victorious. The decision of RCB to omit Gayle definitely has made him more responsible. He has performed as if he had point to prove and he definitely has made every one compelled to put some respect to his name. Besides he has already produced one of the quotes of the tournament saying “Sehwag has saved the IPL by picking me in the auction”. The way he is going, it is certain that the Universe boss is going to take the long fest by storm.

The way Shane Waston is striking this season is intriguing. He has definitely shown that he may be aging but he still possesses the spark. He’s made it evident by scoring a century for CSK. While Watto’s performance has been praiseworthy, one cannot ignore the way Mr cool-MS Dhoni has been handling him. Dhoni clearly realizes what Shane can do for the team. He’s clearly recognized his strengths and weakness which Virat didn’t quite seem to discover. CSK has utilized his batting capabilities by making him open as they realized that on his day he can destroy the bowlers and give the team a good platform. While he is mostly seen bowling in the powerplay because Dhoni knows he is not good death bowler, Virat was doing it the other way by making him bowl the death overs at RCB.

Nevertheless, RCB can make larger strides if the players can put a perfect team performance, but even if they do so, RCB fans will still be left pondering about the gone stars like Rahul, Gayle, and Watson as they would have loved to see those stars in RCB colors.

By Nirajan Basnet


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