What Sandeep Lamichanne’s debut in IPL mean to Nepal?

For the first time in the history of Nepalese Cricket, a player from Nepal is picked by an IPL team Delhi Daredevils and he is none other than Sandeep Lamichanne. A country that got an associate membership from ICC way back in 1996 has been through the ups and downs in its cricket journey. Despite continuous poor support from the government and its cricket board, it is a matter of pride for all Nepalese for where its cricket stands now. Recently, Nepal got ODI status from ICC which is marked as the biggest achievement in Nepalese cricket.

In spite of being a teenager, Sandeep Lamichanne has already been the mainstay in the bowling department for Nepali Cricket. He has recently won quite a number of matches with his leggies and googlies than anyone has done ever for Nepali cricket with the ball. Hence, it is only fair for him to get the recognition he has got now due to factor he has been in helping Nepal climb to the first division. It might be a touch premature to say this but he is in the making of the legend of Nepalese Cricket. 

Sandeep Lamichanne getting picked by an IPL team Delhi Daredevils means as much as Nepal getting the ODI status. It has created such a constant buzz among Nepalese cricket fans. Even, it has aroused the curiosity among some non-cricketing Nepalese people. People have become more aware of cricket and have begun to love this gentleman’s game. A testament to the craze of Nepalese can be found in the comment section of Delhi Daredevil’s facebook posts. Though it is partly true that Delhi bought Sandy at the action also from the view of attracting a big number of fans from Nepal, Sandeep has somehow proved the level he belongs to without having played a match.

The effect IPL has been having on players is crystal clear. Indian cricket has been progressing by leaps and bounds in limited format since its inception. Not only the domestic players have been profited by this wonderful tournament, but also some international players have got the kickstart to their career in the limited format. Shane Watson is an excellent example of this who was the player of the tournament of IPL 2007. Keeping the players of top cricketing nations aside, it is the players from the associate cricket who benefit the most from such competitive tournament

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One can analyze how Afghan duos Rashid Khan and Mohammad Nabi being picked in IPL has uplifted the cricket in Afghanistan despite lacking the constant peace in the whole country. IPL had and still has been giving them the exposure that can only make them better. Another young gun Mujeeb Ur Rahmann who played a crucial role for Afghanistan during the World Cup qualifiers has been awarded a golden opportunity given a berth in KXIP team. With all the ways, it helps the Afghan cricket. It might not be any different in case of Sandeep Lamichanne. Though apparently, he is the one who has got the sole benefit from being picked by DD, it helps the Nepalese cricket in general. More people get allured to the cricket culture of Nepal and become ready to contribute towards its development. Recently, the dedication of some personalities and government to build the international stadium has been one of the best news for Nepalese cricket. Though this decision seems to have been more influenced by the recent ODI status Nepal got, Sandeep Lamichanne getting picked in IPL also has had an effect.

As the cricket has always done, Sandeep has brought Nepalese something to cheer about. Also, his performance in the coming days will help more in uniting the people of Nepal amidst the political dissatisfaction in people.  It is a no-brainer that the advertisers around the country have been more interested in cricket than ever before. Cricket has become more popular among the Nepalese. 

If Sandeep gets an opportunity with Delhi’s jersey, television broadcaster will definitely get an additional mass from Nepal.

By Sudarshan Regmi

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