Stokes Shouldn’t Be on Plane to Down Under, Why?

Ashes is about a month away and there is a lot of buzz about it. The media is cracking, the analysts are penning into the columns and the fans are fanning around.  As the Australian players gear up for the first Test match at Bisbane, England is still in confusion about the availability of their main all-rounder, Ben Stokes. He was caught in Bristol at 2 AM after being involved in street fight. A footage shows a Stokes-like person throwing punches around.

Ben Stokes of England Cricket Team
Credit: Flickr

Ben Stokes is still under police investigation. That means, it is still unsure whether he takes a flight to Down Under for the summer. Ben, who was caught  causing the bodily harm, is arguably the best all-rounder across the formats. A bloke, who produces the spark with the bat and who is more than handy with the ball, is obviously a headache for the opposition. But, with his recent involvement in Bristol incident, should he be allowed to participate in Ashes?

Why should Stokes not be in the squad?

Similar incident had occurred with David Warner few years back. He had punched the current England skipper Joe Root which followed his immediate suspension from Australian Cricket team. He was also even made to apologize in public for a mere punch. As compared to Warner’s incident, Stokes’s incident is a big one because of the release of the video footage.

Ashes players are the icon of the respective countries. Letting these kind of incidents away without any kind of punishment will certainly leave a bad message. Cricketers are the pride of nation. Selecting Ben for Brisbane Test would question the pride of England selectors and their proud country. What kind of standards is England going to set for the icons of their country? Drafting him in Ashes squad is a huge ask. Being drunk and involving in night fight is not a fair representation of any kind of a English player and it should not be as well. A player should not only demonstrate his skills in the field, but also should maintain the discipline out of the field.

By Sudarshan Regmi