When Superman AB de Villiers lands on cricket ground?

During our own childhood, we all loved Superman — whoever he was, whatever he could do — and sometimes boasted to be the one. Actually, who is Superman? The dictionary defines it this way: “film character having great strength, the ability to fly, and other extraordinary powers” But, the cricketing world also loves to associate this name in the beautiful game of cricket. They call him, the one-man-army: the superman. And, yes, the definition of Superman fits with AB de Villiers.  AB flies with the bat in his hand, and let’s not dive deep to describe the power he possesses. But, it’s not the mere power that makes him the man he is. 

Probably Steve Smith edges him out in the Test arena as Virat Kohli does him in the ODI. And, he may not have the formidable stat in international T20 for him to be recognized as the best T20 player. But, add Bradmanesque Smith’s class, King Kohli’s skill, and Captain cool Dhoni’s calmness and explosion, then you will get a player in the form of the Superman AB de Villiers. But, be alert Smith’s supporter, Kohli’s lover and Dhoni’s advocator, I am not trying to picture AB as better than any of the players mentioned. But, the quality AB possess can only be obtained when adding all those sublime quantities of great players. Can anyone name any better fielder than AB? If only I could think of any comparable fielder, it might be Glenn Maxwell, but AB is second to none when it comes to any ability in cricket. However, the skill extends towards other sports too. But, going deep towards other athletic abilities is unnecessary given his ability on the cricket field.

On his day, he can demolish the opponent like he did against the ordinary bowling attack of West Indies.

However, he is not the one-dimensional kind of player. The second inning he played in this match [ 30 off 220 balls] against Australia shows the level of versatility he possesses. But, we all seem to forget he was once a wicket keeper. Yeah, you read it right. A timely reminder of his genius quality. If one is to choose a player to watch for his whole life, many people’s choice would be AB de Villiers.

If the limit is 100%, that is what he always gives. Determination and passion don’t only describe this man. The Word Genius only doesn’t fit in his abilities. He has a bigger space for those words to fit. Add all the words you can, and you may still end up being short with your admiration. Combine all the qualities of Superman, then you get what you want. The one and only AB.

He is the most humble cricketer we have ever seen and will ever see in our generation. There is no denying that. Taking the blame for losses and admiring the opponent, these are his general rituals. He is the most loved cricket for many reasons. You take a survey in the full packed Chinnaswamy Stadium and he will still top the list of people’s favorite cricketers even though it is not his home ground.

Selfless Superman AB de Villiers

As you can see in movies, Superman does good deeds and does for other’s sake rather than for his own. Exactly what you can see that in his playing. He never plays for any not outs and records. When his team needs him, he is always up for it. One cannot think of him being not out at the end of the play and his team ending up on the losing side. That shows how much he tries to lift his team to a victory.

Despite all the good thing he possesses, he does have one thing he hates. It’s his lack of luck. Even the admirer of AB can’t deny this fact that he is the luckless player. His team is yet to win the cup. Remembering the last world cup he played and the last champion trophy he featured at, his team failed to reach the only goal.

However, he is the one and only Superman in cricket. When he lands on a cricket ground, it is the best fighter you will see. The man who plays all the formats in the better way: AB de Villiers.

By Sudarshan Regmi

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